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Unmanned Vessels: A Defensive Solution to Piracy?


Modern technology continues to make significant contributions to the ancient industry of maritime commerce.  But an emerging technology might go too far.

Recently, Rolls-Royce’s Blue Ocean team developed the technology to create an unmanned, virtual-reality piloted vessel, anticipating that the machine will eventually allow captains to remotely control crewless ships on the ocean from dry land. The prototype is part of an overall EU project called MUNIN that "aims to develop and verify a concept for an autonomous ship..."


Rogue Waves – The MAXWAVE Project


CNN recently reported on a rogue wave that killed a passenger on a British cruise line.  The video commentator mentioned the MAXWAVE Project which peeked my curiosity and I wanted to find out more.

The MAXWAVE project's main goal was to figure out if and how rogue waves actually exist and identify the conditions in which they are prone to occur.


Rogue Wave Kills British Cruise Ship Passenger

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From Our Journal – A synopsis of “Recent Developments in Maritime Personal Injury Law.” Volume 17.2


The evolution of personal injury claims is full of difficult waters to navigate, and Altenbrun, Black & Scaliahave have provided an overview to the biggest issues facing maritime practitioners. Most notable is the issue of Forum Non Conveniens. The authors have done an excellent job in distilling and simplifying a complex and difficult hurdle for Jones Act claimants specifically.


Maiden Voyage


So begins our blog...

Our goal is to write about interesting and current issues in maritime law for everyone to enjoy. While still maintaining our high level of scholarship that our student run journal brings, we will bring an editorial element to our program.

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