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Kathryn Fraser: From Start to Finish

During both of my summers in law school I interned at Public Defender Offices. In all of these experiences, I never had the same kind of client contact and relationships as I had the opportunity to develop in the clinic. This work is, after all, for the benefit of these individuals and the chance to develop a relationship and work directly with the clientele was a wonderful experience during law school. The Criminal and Juvenile Justice Clinic also gives you the opportunity to work on all stages of the case, which is very different from any training you would receive in an internship or externship. We did the investigation for our cases which allowed us to interact with the community and talk to business owners and the victims of crimes to attempt to negotiate resolutions. This was valuable training experience for any career which we as attorneys may wish to pursue. Additionally, through routine court appearances, the clinic helped me become accustomed to speaking in court and helped me gain confidence in myself and my arguments in front of a judge.

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